1.  How much does a video cost?

The age-old question.  How much does it cost to build a house? As you can imagine, it depends totally on the design (script), the square footage (length), the upgrades (effects and special editing) and the furnishings (actors, narrators, etc.). In most cases, it's easier to decide how much you want to spend on making a video, then we can work together to determine what can be done within that budget. Can we hire actors or should we use internal people for on-camera work? Do we need special effects or animation? Are there locations you would like to use? All these things will make a difference in how your video can be produced. The longer the video, typically, the more it will cost, but that's not true if you're making a video of someone talking to the camera for an hour. On the other hand, a 60 second web video with locations, custom music, actors and animation can cost a great deal. So… what kind of house do you want to build? That's the question.


2. How long will it take?

See above. We've turned around a basic slideshow video in as little as two days. Other projects can take weeks to complete, with location shooting, lots of editing, and rounds of client's changes. If you have a deadline, we will do what's necessary to meet it and, as long as those requirements are met by the client, your video will be on time.


3. Do I own the footage that will be shot?

Yes. Whatever we shoot for your video, whether we use it in the final production or not, is your material and you can use it however you want. Often we'll go back to something we shot for a previous project for the same client and re-use a shot or two if it works. This can save some time and money, but for the most part, people don't want to use the same shots in more than one project.


4. Can we participate in the editing?

Absolutely. This  is YOUR project and, while our editorial expertise will be of great value in finishing your project, ultimately the editorial decisions are yours. If you definitely want that shot of the waterfall in the video. we'll find a way to fit it in. If you don't like something someone said, we'll take him out. Think of yourself as the "director" of the edit. You let us do what we do best, but you control the final decisions.


5. What about the script?

Usually, the client has a script, or at least an outline for a script and we go from there. We can produce your script, as long as we have access to the information you want in the video. If yours is a technical business with lots of proprietary information, you'll most likely want to write a script yourselves. If we can speak to your people and gather information, with your outline we can produce a shooting script for you. Again, you're the director and have the final say with the script.


6. Is there such a thing as a "script template" we can use?

No. Every script is custom, whether it's generated by you or by us.


7. What about animation?

It can be expensive, depending on content and length. Some animation is simple 2D movement of objects or text. Some is extensive 3D animation, with flying logos, beating hearts, crumbling houses, whatever you can imagine. These effects can cost from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. We'll listen to your ideas and let you know how things might be done and how much it will cost to do. In some cases, we can come up with a simpler, less expensive way to accomplish what you want without going the route of expensive animation production.


8. Do you travel?

Yes. All the time. We've shot locally and around the world. It all depends on your project and what you need. However, if your project talks about your office in London, it would be cheaper to buy stock footage of London rather than send us there to shoot Trafalgar Square. If you need to interview staff in London, that's a different story and we would shoot on location there. Again, it's all about budgeting and how much you want to spend on your project.


9. Can you put our video on the web?

Yes. In a lot of ways. We can encode your video in a number of formats for YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and other social sites. If you have your own site and want to post your video there, we'll work with your web people to get them the exact type of file they need.


10. What about DVD or Blu Ray?

We have complete DVD and BluRay authoring capabilities.


11. Can we do more than one language?

Sure. On a DVD or BluRay we can include multiple language tracks for your video; each selectable from a menu. If you want a web file or other digital format, you can only include one language per program.


12. How long have you been in business?

We started ImagiMedia in 1984 and have been producing corporate, training, promotional and commercial video since then. We've authored hundreds of DVDs and BluRays for some of the biggest releasing companies in the business and some of the smallest, too.